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Is The Concept Of Perfect Trading Strategy Really Exists Or Not??

There is no doubt that trading is a tough job. Every trader whether novice or expert must keep in mind that there is no perfect trading strategy. There is no method to avoid losses. However, there are High-Frequency Trading outfits that can assist you in trading.

Many traders are making the most of HFT’s. But there is a secret, i.e., you are not an outfit of High-Frequency Trading at all. The HFT’s also face losses although they just put up countless trades each day. Due to this reason, they earn the most rapidly.

Why There Is No Perfection In Trading?

Every trader must not look out for such trading strategy that is perfect. The perfect trading strategy bot exists in reality. A trader can only do to find the strategy that suits his/her needs, goals and personality. A trading strategy which can help you in achieving your goals is best for you. All you have to do is to find that particular strategy and stick to it.

There are numerous trading strategies you will be able to find. Nevertheless, only choose the one that is up to the mark for you. Do not rush in choosing a specific strategy; it is a tough decision to make as your profit and loss depend on it. So, make a decision wisely.

Choosing A Trading System

If you want to do trading smoothly without getting into much information, then it is better to choose a trading system. There are many trading systems available for you over the internet. Still, you have to be choosy while choosing a specific one that is legit and good.

Choosing-a-trading-systemYou will have to pay for the system, but many legit sites are not charging too much money for providing a good trading system.

How To Move Further?

Once you have got a good trading system that is profitable for you, then you have to improve it. Well, improving method is a bit difficult, so you have to be very careful. This system is developed delicately so when you are going to change the parameter then the ratio of your risk-reward will change. You have to be quite conscious while making changes to your trading system.

It is better to do a thing in step by step order. In case you want to become proficient then you will need to wind up curve the fitting. It implies that your trading strategy will be parallel to your record. In this way, it will leave no place for any changes in the behavior of market in the upcoming time. Nonetheless, we all are aware that the markets do not evolve constantly.

You will need to put a lot of cash when you fit the trading system tight according to your past data. It is the actual tight spot of each backtest. Due to this reason, you must use an out sample whenever it comes to backtesting.

If you have four years of data then you have to develop your system according to 3 years. You have to test this trading system on the fourth year devoid of any arrangements. Do not bother the results in that particular year at all.

Look Where You Stand As A Trader

Whether you are using a profitable trading system or have a good strategy, you need to look over where you stand as a trader. You should have a glance at your performance of past couple of months to know that how much you have improved. Also, you will be able to know that what mistakes you have done and how to not repeat them. For more understating kindly take a view on one of our related posts traders rulebook – golden tips needed to every newbie.

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