Let's take a look below, our Frequently asked questions for using our online Forex and commodity signals trading service or contact us for more details. 

Signal Skyline provides daily trading forecast/signals to online traders where to buy, sell, take profit and stop loss
Signal Skyline presents daily forecast with signs that recommend the first-class timing of currency and commodity trades. The signals are diagnosed by means of a complicated. Then online traders can really follow the instructions of signals, when to buy , when to sell, where to have stop loss and when to take profit.
No, we are not broker. We don’t open or provide Forex or commodity online trading accounts. We provide trading support for prices forecast and signals.
Unlikely other signals providers, we feel it is a comfit of interest. Do your best research, Due diligence before you chose right broker. Referring to a broker means “commission”, and that is not our business model.
No. we are dedicated signals and forecast providing company. We are not Introducing broker (IB) to any company. IBs or even some brokerage house provides free signal and forecast. They get commission in each trade you do and even sometime profit in your loss (bucket house). Their interest is you do more trading irrespective you loss or win. Our business model based on repeat client. And your account has to be in profit, then only you come back to us. Very simple you win, we win.
Signal Skyline works with any kind of broker. There is no need to sign up for a new broker account to trade our signals. You can keep using your current trading account and broker.
7 currency covers 80% of market. Our trade covers all major currencies pairs and commodities including• GBP/USD• AUD/ USD• USD/CHF• USD/JPY• EUR/YEN• GBP/YEN • Gold • Silver • Crude Oil
You will receive REAL-TIME Live Fоrеx Signаlѕ ѕеnt viа Emаil, SMS Globally tо уоur mobile рhоnе and update at members area of our website. No matter where уоu are оr whаt you аrе dоing, we will ѕеnd уоu an SMS & Email аlеrt whеn a Fоrеx Signаl trаdе iѕ idеntifiеd.
YES! All you need is a laptop with enabled internet connection.
No! Signal Skyline most effective calls for primary PC skills and make sure you can read and write in English language or the language of your trading platform.
With our system everyone even with a zero experience or understanding in Forex Trade can do trading online! It is an easy and clean way to use system AND WILL SURELY WORK FOR YOU! Our framework is accessible in completely everywhere around the world! Making it open to all type of trader beginner to experts. We have infinite successful individuals from everywhere throughout the world.
On the off chance that a trade has failed by not carrying out the prescribed signals, you are not advised to execute the trade. It is ideal to miss a trade than to create a trade at the very wrong time and it is advised to be available to execute the signaled trades
PayPal handles the payment process for us. Payment ways comprises of all real credit cards and PayPal accounts. We promise you safe and secure internet order.
There is instant access to the signals. After Signal Skyline approves your purchase, you will receive you login details automatically and you will be able to sign in to your account.
Yes. Every signal is automatically filtered during high effect and medium impact news events for all currency pair. This will help our growth in overall win-rate and it saves you time from having to check an economic calendar for daily news events yourself.
We provide signal whenever appropriate within 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. we continuously and carefully scanning market. There might be a day, when you will get more trades and there can be a day when we publish less signals.
We mainly cover USA and UK markets timing. BUT we regularly scan worldwide trading activities and generate forex signals according to worldwide market situation and events. Whenever we see right time to enter market, we will send you trading signals.