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Manual Trading – A Game of Luck & Wisdom

Trading manually is a system that involved the human decision making for exiting and entering the trade. It is opposite to the automatic trading. Automatic trading makes use of programs that are connected to the data of market which can initiate trades relied on the human instructional criterion.

The manual traders used to employ the computer programs with the intention to potential trading opportunities. In all the situations, human input has to authorize the trades.


Humans only perform manual trading. However, it is limited to diverse human attributes. One of the most severe limitations in the computational emotion and power. The other limitation is the time constraints.

Guaranteeing real profits rather than irregular involves the distinguishing proof of opportunities which turn aside from status quo financial declarations and utilized specialized indicators. Distinguishing these opportunities needs observing the market for several hours in a day. It also needs to execute the trade in the short window of time to which it presents itself.


Manual trading has recovering variables in spite of its numerous limitations. It is not similar to the automated and algorithms systems. Individuals do not make choices on an arrangement of settled principles or accumulations of logic. It makes manual trading less vulnerable to huge volatile macroeconomic events or moves in financial atmospheres and patterns.

Knowledge, experience, and instinct can commonly break computation logic just because purchasers and merchants are human. In this manner, demand and supply are affected by human factors which most PCs cannot forecast or foresee.

Advantages of employing Manual Trading System

  • There are several benefits of employing the manual trading system.
  • It is used for Forex trading.
  • In this system, humans have full control on what they are doing.
  • You are not executing the random trades.
  • You are following a specific technique.
  • You are not subjected to the risks that other Forex traders are taking.
  • With it, you can easily use qualitative factors to know the existing market situation.
  • It is suitable to the working of the existing market.
  • Chances to lose the trades are low as compared to automated trading

Also, many Forex robots are accessible in different markets which are not able to do a good job in the actual situation. However, a manual system enables the humans to consider the adjustments in the market conditions during trading in the Forex market.

Bottom Line

It could be said that manual trading is quite tough as the manual system has to set up properly. The advantages of this system are more than the disadvantages of it. Also, using this system will undoubtedly give you long term profits as compared to automated Forex trading systems. If you are going to do crude oil trading, then you must know some essential things before choosing a crude oil. To know about this stuff you have to read our previous post i.e. What to consider when selecting a crude oil. Get Reliable Signals.

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