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With a team of experienced forex experts, we offer timely signals to traders regardless of their preferred trading style. Whether you are a scalper, day trader or swing trader. We’ve got you covered

Market Analysis for Day Traders

Here is a quick example of how we perform market analysis for day trading signals.

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Market Analysis for Scalper Traders

This is how our market experts decide on entry, exit, and stop loss suggestions for scalpers.

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Market Analysis for Swing Traders

This video offers insight into how markets are analyzed by our experts for swing trading signals.

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Wondering if we can look into the future? Well, we can’t. We just make informed predictions

Take a look at how we do it

These are some of the things we use to generate signals

  • Past data
  • Customized technical indicators
  • Economic data
  • Political news
  • Experience and knowledge of market experts

We use a blend of technical and fundamental analysis

We employ fundamental analysis to decipher the general direction of the market and then use technical analysis to fine tune the results.

(The strategy might change depending on conditions)
I rely on only


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I rely on only


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I can’t figure out where to set


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I can’t figure out


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Identifying market’s direction

Market specialists analyze the global economic and political landscape to identify what direction a currency pair is set to take while also creating a rough range that the market is most likely to adhere to.

This is usually done through fundamental analysis. Our market experts are on top of all relevant international news and are experienced enough to analyze it effectively.

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Customized indicators for precise signals

Our team comprises of professional traders and market analysts capable of customizing their own indicators. These are tried and tested methods for them of making sense of the charts

They function as foolproof markers that have been used by these experts for years. Now in the form of signals you can get your hands on the results of their analysis too.

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One size never fits all

Each pair is analyzed differently. Through experience and deep analysis of ours as well as the market’s past performance we have been able to identify what works for which pair. This means we are able to personalize the signal for each pair and don’t abide by the one size fits all strategy.

This is the main reason behind our success.

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Suitable for all trading styles

Whether you are a scalper, day trader, swing trader or position trader, our signals can help you. We create personalized signals for all types of trading styles.

So whatever your trading style or strategy is and no matter which pairs you trade, you can find what you’re looking for with Signal Skyline.

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