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Most common mistakes by beginners in Forex trading


Buying and selling financial instruments in the Forex and stock markets seems at first glance a great way to make money. However, as in any trade, experience is required to make these actions profitable.

Not diversifying among the different financial instruments:

Just because an instrument has worked well a couple of times does not mean that you can test it with others. Do not get stuck, find the key information you need about spreads, premiums, lot sizes and trading hours. Explore and check various financial products such as Forex, commodities, indices, stocks, bonds etc. For example, CFDs allow you to maximize the benefit by requiring a minimum investment which allows a more efficient management of capital among other advantages.

Lack of practice and training:

To start with the right foot, it is essential to know the Forex trading, CFDs or the financial instrument that most interests you, it is important to have the best training materials, where you can learn and know everything related to financial markets and operations. stock exchanges. The training will help you expand your horizons while mastering your financial skills.

Having unrealistic expectations:

We must be aware that money does not grow overnight. We need to be patient to allow time for investments to grow, to acquire financial education and to be able to see the opportunities that are presented to us.

Investing defensively:

Luck is a residual factor that only contributes gains in specific moments, but not in a systematic and constant way. To invest with an open attitude, you must remember that there are no definitive rules. However, it is good to have a range of investment strategies that adapt to your needs and that lead you to enjoy trading.

Operating without a plan:

No successful goal has been fulfilled without a plan behind. Even if you have experience in the markets, this is not enough to place a blind operation. When there are sudden changes in the markets, the stock plan will help you keep your objectives clear and prevent us from making hasty decisions.

Searching for the perfect method:

In trading the word perfection does not exist, the market is volatile and can cause that the investments made do not bring the expected benefits. If you do not have a plan and an attitude flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the environment, you can miss important opportunities.

Letting emotions drive you:

Market research must be done considering all the factors that can affect it positively or negatively. Avoid including your feelings in making decisions, operations can be affected by stress, fear, joy, greed, stress or anger.

Not choosing the right broker and platform:

Choosing a broker because it is cheap and not because of the security and experience it provides, is one of the most common mistakes of the beginning traders. It considers the regulation, the available financial instruments, the commissions, the possibility of operating from a computer, tablet, mobile and web trading, seeks to keep customer funds segregated for security and have a wide range of automated trading platforms compatible with EA and MQL5.


Opting for a regulated broker is a great investment in the short and long term, a correct choice will help you operate with confidence since you will have a wide range of financial instruments as well as personalized attention.

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