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How to convert your trading weaknesses into strengths


Our environment can force us to want to change or hide our weaknesses. If you really want to transform your weaknesses into strengths, it must be by your own desires, not by the manipulation of the outside. It’s the only way for you to really become a stronger person.

Take an example:

Assume you’ve recently encountered an enormous losing streak. What will you likely do straightaway? It is safe to say that you are the sort of broker who turns out to be depressed to the point that you can’t take clear and honest forex trading signals, or would you say you are the kind of merchant who’s ready to effortlessly disregard it?

Depressed after losses?

Regardless of to what extent you have been trading, there is dependably the danger of encountering execution uneasiness. At the point when things don’t go your way, quite possibly you’ll turn out to be excessively sceptical and see the circumstances as a sign that you are a disappointment. Accordingly, your efforts in trading and understanding Forex Market wanes significantly more, in the long run driving you to stop.

Positive reconsideration:

This is clearly an issue. Rather than centring your shortcomings, take a gander at it under another light – a procedure called positive reconsideration. For illustrative designs, we should take a merchant who has a propensity for utilizing stops that are far too tight because he’s apprehensive about losing excessively.

A trader’s behaviour:

Starting late, a trader might be getting halted out a considerable measure and winds up with a long losing streak. This makes him significantly more scared of trading in Forex and losing more cash. He presently winds up stuck in an exceptionally endless loop that has no end.

You could state that this forex merchant’s disposition towards trading is negative, however through the procedure of positive re-examination, he can really utilize this fundamental shortcoming as quality.

Converting negativity into positivity:

As opposed to concentrating on the dread of losing, the broker can utilize this dread to decidedly rethink his trading methodologies and consider it to be a position-measuring issue. He can eliminate his position sizes, so he can go for broke while in the meantime enlarging his stops. If you can turn an apparent negative idea, propensity, or quality into a positive one, you can motivate it to work for you instead of working against you.

Case of Derrick Rose:

Investigate how Derrick Rose of the New York Knicks utilizes his little stature further bolstering his good fortune. In a game where being tall is a distinct in addition, Derrick doesn’t give his moderately little 6’3″ casing a chance to keep him down.

As opposed to considering it to be a disadvantage, he utilizes his size (and the speed and deftness that accompanies it) to pass up safeguards and move through traps to get to the circle. Furthermore, take a gander at him – at 22, he turned into the most youthful player to win the NBA MVP grant!

A similar positive approach can be connected to forex exchanging:

Suppose that as a merchant, you’re effectively overwhelmed with feeling when your trade policy begins to conflict with you. Accordingly, you tend to augment your stop when your forex trade is decreasing, or you are going in loss. A touch of positive reconsideration can enable you to move concentrate far from how this propensity keeps you down and towards how it can encourage you.

Since you realize that these feelings grow when economic situations end up negative for your trade, when you end up needing to extend your stops, you can really utilize it as a flag to cut misfortunes or trim your position. Essentially, rather than giving it a chance to assume and control you, you wind up utilizing your feelings as a flag to settle on better and improved trading choices.


Your development in very different environments, your versatility and your ability to handle various problems are your strengths. Use it to demonstrate an exemplary reaction capacity and a great capacity to adapt quickly to new situations. So, you see, taking a gander at an issue from an alternate point can go far in helping you enhance your forex trading. It can offer you, innovative experiences on the most proficient method to approach an issue, and most importantly, it can even enable you to transform your apparent shortcomings into qualities!

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