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Commodity Trading in a Better Way to Help Increase Profit and Reduce Risk

Forex trading signals help to make trading more efficient by reducing the negative impact of the human factor. Trader begins to treat the process of trading less emotionally, which means that he begins to spend his time really on earning income. In addition, most trading signals provide signals in online mode – a participant in the foreign exchange market can make transactions simultaneously with the arrival of a signal. You can receive signals in any convenient way for a trader: via SMS, to an e-mail box, to messages from a personal cabinet of a Forex trading signal provider or to mail in a trading terminal MT4.

Forex Signals Services:

These services include delivery of daily Live Forex signals and Crypto-Currency signals sent via SMS and email with coverage including, EUR / USD, USD / CHF, EUR / CHF, USD / CAD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, EUR / GBP, AUD / USD, Gold, Crude oil, Bitcoin, ETHEREUM, Ripple, Dash AND Litecoin and many others currency pairs. Trading in the foreign exchange market is to ensure consistent profits and reduce the frequency of losses – training through information signals that push restrictions.

Types of Services:

This includes free signals, paid signals from one provider, paid signals aggregated from multiple systems, and signals supplied by trading software, located on the trader’s computer.

Using automatic signals, you fully trust all your funds to the program that will perform trading operations. The advantage of this trade is that you do not need to independently analyze and control the market, make deals, but the risks of incurring losses here are very high.

Manual execution gives you the opportunity to independently decide about the performance of a trade operation, which, depending on the situation on the market, will recommend the signal. Under such a scheme, the main plus is personal control over the course of trading and minimization of own risks.

How to Choose a Provider of Forex signals?

It is important to choose only the service that a trader can trust. The reliability of the provider is very important – in the modern foreign exchange market there are a lot of scammers who come across a trader who is not just disappointed in Forex trading signals, but also lose his money. It is also important to remember that trading signals, as a rule, cannot be 100% true. The result to which a trader should strive is the prevalence of the number of profitable trades over unprofitable trades. For confidence, read about what your provider is writing on the network and on the forums.

The project must have positive statistics, usually connected through external services. For example, the sites of and are considered popular among traders.Important information is not only the number of signals and their frequency but also the accompanying data on them. Conveniently, if the Forex trading signal provider provides traders with additional information about the origin of signals and gives the analyst what the signal was based on.

Availability of the service for the delivery of trading signals Forex feedback for customer support. Beware of schemes, when all you need to do is pay signals and receive SMS. Questions can always arise, and it is often very important to get answers to them on time.

Reliable Commodity Trading:

The main tasks of the exchange include organization and order of the markets of currencies, goods and capital, simplification of trade processes, equalization of demand and supply to stabilize prices and protect the interests of sellers and buyers from adverse price changes.In the period 1960-2004. the commodity structure of world exports has undergone significant changes: the share of raw materials, fuel and foodstuffs decreased, increased share of finished goods and semi-finished products, as well as other goods.

A trader is interested in investing in reliable commodities, i.e. lesser risk. Specialization in the production of goods having maximum comparative advantages is also beneficial in the absence of absolute advantages. The country should specialize in the export of goods in the production of which they have the greatest absolute advantage (if it has an absolute advantage on both goods) or the smallest absolute advantage (if it has no absolute advantage for either of the goods). Specialization in certain types of goods is beneficial for each of these countries and leads to an increase in the total volume of production, there is a motivation for trade even if one country has an absolute advantage in the production of all goods in front of another country. An example, in this case, is the exchange of English cloth for Portuguese wine, which brings benefits to both countries.

Forex Trading Alerts/Forecast:

The weekly market forecast is published on the site on Sunday, before 23:00 Moscow time!The Forex trading forecast is compiled based on wave and technical analysis data.One more attempt to test the previous local maximum of 1.2092, after which I expect the completion of the current recovery and the reversal of the pair, the resumption of its downward dynamics and the depreciation of the single European currency to the target levels: 1.1900; 1.1875; 1.1862; 1.1843; 1.1826; 1.1800 and 1.1776. If you manage to push this level and consolidate under it, the decline of the pair will continue further, to the following goals: 1.1753; 1.1730 and 1.1713. When opening trades, stop loss is required to prevent significant losses, in case the price turns against the transaction.

The closing price of the pair on the last day of the previous trading week (November 24, 2017) is 1.1929.Weekly level of a turn of a position for euro/dollar makes – 1.1862. The daily level of the turn (according to 24.11.) – 1.1903. At the same time, the closing price of the current week – 1.1929 was higher than the closing level of the previous week (1.1795), and above the levels of the day and week reversal, which indicates the continuing influence of the upward trend on the pair’s price dynamics.

At the same time, it should be considered that the overbought European single currency and its wave structure, along with indications of technical indicators, warn us about the imminent end of the upward trend and the resumption of the pair’s downward dynamics.

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