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How Pips Matter in Forex Trading?

There are many traders who are not familiar with the term PIPS. If you are one of them and do not know that WHAT ARE PIPS then not to worry. We are going to explain you about pips and why they matter in Forex trading. A pip is a short form of price interest point. A pip measure is used to measure the sum of the change in the exchange rate for the currency pair. You can also read our previous post to know about the “accurate gold signals” if you trade in Gold.

Worth of PIPS

Each pips worth is 0.0001. The Yen based currency pairs are quite an exception. They are limited to two decimal places only that are 0.01. There are a few brokers that offer fractional pips to give an extra digit of accuracy when quoting exchange rates for specific currency pairs. The fractional pip is almost equal to 1/10 of a pip. Following is an example to make things clear for you:

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GBP|USD current exchange price: 1.61250

In this case, the base currency is GBP. On the other hand, the quoted currency is the USD. You have to assume that your broker permitted you to trade only one unit. In this example, the base currency GBP 1 and the quote was USD 1.6125. It means that the 1 Euro would give you 1.61 dollar. All of us are aware that there is no broker that will allow you to trade in fractions of a penny.

At the present time, with the help of these basics, we might want to locate that what will be the value of each PIP. Here a question arises that when you are placing a normally sized trade with your broker, then how much will be one PIP move in the Forex price on the pair involved? It is the main formula to help out what each PIP is worth in the currency term.

  • ( PIP / Exchange Price ) x Lot Size (Units) = Value Per PIP
    By placing the 0.10 (10,000 units) on the price, we had a glance on the GBP|USD. It would appear like this:
  • ( 0.0001 / 1.61250 ) x 10,000 = 0.62 dollars

What Can Change PIPS Value?

Your account base value will evaluate the pip value of different currency pairs. In the event that you open the USD denominated account then those currency pairs where the USD is the quote currency, the value of pip would be 1 dollar on the small lot. You would be able to view the changes in the pip value if the USD amended considerably by more than 10% down or up or in the event that the USD is the base currency. Or else, it is not included in the pair like EUR/GBP.

Here is an example: The trading currency pair USD/JPY has a value that has fallen from 20 to a low of 77.55 from 2008 till 2011. Due to the huge strengthening of JPY, the value of pip of this currency pair is changed. The moves became quite imperative per pip in USD as the JPY had risen so insistently next to it. These events are quite exceptional. However, the main point is that the pip values classically are not set.

Why Must Traders Care About Pip Values in Hedging?

All the traders must care about the pip values. There are many traders who believe that they are in quite a risk-free position as they are hedged. Hedging is actually a risk-free position as the widening spread eats into all spots. In the event that the trader is hedging a pair that is not liquid then the spread could be more aggressive. It would result in a big loss to a hedged trader.

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