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No Conflict Of Interest

We are focused signal provider and trade forecast Company. Trading business is tricky, anyone refers to anyone gets benefits somehow. This can be in shape of commission etc.

Generally, forex Trade commission works with the number of trade that referred person client executes in the live market. It’s not one-time commission. That means as my client if you do more trades, I will get more commission regardless of your profit or loss.

At Signal Skyline, we are very focused and strict about our policy. No commission business at all – no reference at all.
We charge reasonable and fair fees for trading signals and forecast. And if you make money and grow, we will make money. Like I found very interesting billboard when I was coming back from new work to Toronto “eat here otherwise we both will starve”. Jokes apart, we can also join commission business but as principal, we are focused and determined to provide trading signals and forecasting as accurate as possible.

Trading should be controlled and limited as per market movement, not that someone push idea of over trading.
Investor and forex forecast provider should be two different entities.

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